Introducing Cadre's New Head of Product, Madge Rumman

Madge brings expertise in product development and design to a team poised for growth. Cadre Cadre Cadre is a commercial real estate investment manager that invests alongside individuals and institutions on our tech-driven platform. More posts by Cadre. Cadre

Published on Jun 13, 2022
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Madge brings expertise in product development and design to a team poised for growth

Cadre is thrilled to welcome financial technology veteran Madge Rumman as Head of Product. Madge will lead the Product team in building and accelerating the launch of new offerings that create access and inclusivity for individual and institutional commercial real estate investors. In addition to developing innovative solutions, she will also lead and continue to build out the firm’s broader Product team. Her appointment is the latest in a series of prominent hires to Cadre’s leadership team in 2022.

“Cadre’s world-class investments expertise and tech-forward approach have long propelled our growth, as demonstrated through evolution of our product pipeline and continued deal performance. Today, we are building on this strength with Madge’s proven ability to improve and develop compelling tech-forward products,” said Ryan Williams, Cadre Founder and CEO. “We couldn’t be more enthusiastic to welcome Madge to our team, and I look forward to working closely with her as we welcome more investors to our platform and continue to reimagine the future of real estate investing.”

Rumman joins Cadre with extensive experience building digital, consumer-oriented product offerings in financial technology. Prior to Cadre, she served as Director of Product at Affirm. She also previously served as the Head of Product at PayBright, a leading Canadian buy-now-pay-later provider, which was acquired by Affirm in 2021.

While at PayBright, Rumman focused on leading the product function, including launching e-commerce and in-store BNPL offerings, building a consumer app, and expanding the department to more than 20 professionals. Following Affirm’s acquisition of PayBright, she led the M&A integration efforts for the product stack and led product launches of key enterprise merchants, including the launch of the Apple partnership with Affirm in Canada.

Rumman has joined amidst Cadre’s continued rise as a disruptor in real estate and investing. She is the third key leader to join the firm within the first half of the year, following the additions of Dustin Cohn as Chief Marketing Officer and Skand Gupta as Head of Engineering in April. She also arrives after Cadre’s best quarter yet after the firm announced two significant realizations and strong subscriber growth, which helped the firm nearly reach the $5 billion total real estate transactions milestone in Q1.

“In just eight years, Cadre has made enormous progress in its mission to democratize access to commercial real estate. The Cadre platform has introduced a revolutionary interface that places the power of real estate investment directly into individuals’ hands,” Rumman said. “The challenge of leveraging technology to break down the walls of this historically inaccessible asset class is incredibly exciting, and I’m thrilled to join the team that is dedicated to this mission.”
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