Cadre is excited to welcome consumer brand veteran Dustin Cohn as its newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer, joining the firm to amplify awareness of real estate opportunities among Main Street investors. After leading marketing for Marcus at Goldman Sachs, Dustin will focus on reaching more mass affluent investors with Cadre’s unprecedented access to institutional-grade assets.

Though Cadre’s technology has broken barriers to accessing real estate opportunities, recent research shows awareness is a significant challenge yet to be met. According to a recent survey, 73% of mass affluent consumers are interested in commercial real estate (CRE) but 86% are not invested in it.1 This may be due to a number of misconceptions about the asset class, as many assume CRE is exclusive to the ultra wealthy and institutions or requires at least $100k to invest.

There is also a knowledge gap about the benefits CRE can provide – by and large, the mass affluent are worried about inflation (86%), they want to diversify their portfolios (68%), but do not recognize CRE’s potential for inflation-hedging or historically high risk-adjusted returns.2  Cadre, now with the help of Dustin, is working to dispel misconceptions by providing and promoting unprecedented access to CRE.

“At Cadre, we are keen to educate individuals about the financial opportunities the commercial real estate market can provide. This firm was founded to serve those typically excluded from accessing high-quality assets and opportunities to build wealth,” said Cadre Founder and CEO Ryan Williams. “Dustin’s proven experience reaching individual investors and raising awareness is unparalleled, and I am eager to work with him as we bring the transparency, accessibility and liquidity of our platform to more people.”

Cadre is coming off of its most successful quarter yet, seeing the number of platform users rise by ~20% and raising nearly as much capital from individual investors as it had throughout all of 2021. Dustin’s arrival will enable the firm to build off of this momentum.

While at Goldman Sachs, Dustin led the creation of the Goldman Sachs Marcus consumer brand. He invented its name. He launched the legacy firm’s first-ever consumer advertising campaign. He secured its first-ever athlete sponsorship. Throughout his tenure, he successfully brought mass awareness to personal finance products and tools to improve consumers’ financial futures. At Cadre, he will do the same – this time in commercial real estate.

“Cadre’s platform already disrupted the status quo by giving individuals access to institutional-quality real estate,” stated Cohn. “Commercial real estate is no longer just for the uber wealthy and institutions. For many consumers, the remaining barrier is simply awareness. A modern wealth-building tool is available to individual investors right now, a few clicks away. I am honored to join the firm’s mission to not only deliver this access, but also educate investors that it exists.”

Cohn also led marketing for Goldman Sachs Wealth Management and Asset Management. Prior to joining the firm, Cohn also led marketing for a number of global consumer brands. He served as CMO for Jockey International, CMO for Optimer Brands, and spent several years at PepsiCo as Marketing Director for Gatorade and Propel.

Working closely with Ryan, Dustin will assume management of Cadre’s performance marketing and brand development initiatives, leveraging multiple channels to simultaneously reach and educate investors on opportunities in commercial real estate. While expanding the capabilities of the firm’s Marketing function, he will explore additional strategies that distinguish Cadre’s premier brand.

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