Cadre’s experienced Investments team targets individual opportunities in U.S. markets we believe are poised for long-term growth. We spend hundreds of hours sourcing, underwriting and structuring each investment, closing on only ~2% of all opportunities we review.

Specialized sourcing

Cadre works with a broad network of sponsors, brokers, lenders, and other professionals to source investment opportunities—often off-market. We look primarily for mid-cap assets ($50-$150mm) where we can add value through inefficiencies in pricing, operations, or capital expenditures.

Rigorous due diligence

Our team puts each potential investment through its paces, completing a comprehensive due diligence checklist that includes detailed cash flow modeling, an investment memo, site visits, and loan and legal structuring. Most opportunities do not make it past this stage.

Multi-step approval process

Cadre’s Investment Committee has collectively transacted on tens of billions of dollars of commercial real estate across multiple investment cycles. Our committee reviews each proposed investment multiple times prior to closing, providing a deeply experienced layer of protection for our investors. Once our extensive vetting has been completed and approvals have been secured, Cadre executes the acquisition and turns to the next stage of our process: active asset management.

Active investment management

What comes next after Cadre’s rigorous acquisitions process? End-to-end investment management.