Bring commercial real estate into focus.

The MVP report pinpoints Cadre’s Most Valuable Places to invest.

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Get a clear picture of Cadre’s Most Valuable Places to invest.

The Cadre MVP report is the result of our innovative approach to market selection. We combine proprietary technology and professional investment insights to choose our most valuable places to invest.

Benefit from our high-tech/high-touch market selection process, utilizing machine learning and deep industry knowledge.
See a curated list of the commercial real estate markets most likely to outperform across multifamily, office and industrial property types.
Find out which three U.S. cities achieved the coveted Triple Crown by excelling in all three asset class categories - no easy feat!
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Industry disruption that’s good for your portfolio.

Our innovative approach gets results. Since 2015, Cadre has launched 49 deals across 25 markets in the United States. In addition to strong overall operating performance, our realized investments have substantially outperformed underwriting. It’s this kind of track record that draws attention—and investors.


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An investment is only as strong as the people behind it.

Invest alongside some of the world’s best-known institutions.

Cadre grants individual investors access to deals typically reserved for institutions.

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Ryan Williams

Cadre Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Michael Fascitelli

Investment Committee Co-Chairman

Founded by a world-class investment team.

Cadre’s Investment Committee brings $50bn+ and 100+ years of collective investment experience to the table.

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Backed by the best.

Our platform is backed by some of the largest and most respected venture capital and investment firms, real estate companies, and industry veterans.

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Access institutional-quality investments in our MVP markets and more.

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Diversify with the Cadre Horizon Fund

The Cadre MVPs will help guide the selection of properties included in our new fund.

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Why commercial real estate?

Real estate is valuable in any economic climate. In times of uncertainty it is essential. Investments in private real estate provide essential portfolio diversification, along with the ability to build long-term wealth. Real estate can also deliver stable income throughout the life of the investment and sizable long-term returns.

Why Cadre?

We developed innovative technology to supplement our professional expertise and support our premier commercial real estate deals while providing unparalleled options for liquidity.4

Why Now?

Commercial real estate has historically proven to be an attractive hedge against inflation. It is typically a more stable asset class than stocks or bonds, both of which are closely tied to market cycles.

Why You?

If you’re not investing in real estate, you may be leaving money on the table. Answer just a few qualifying questions to join our cadre of investors and you could change your financial trajectory.
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