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Cadre’s CEO, Ryan Williams, announced today that he is appointing Allen Smith, former CEO of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Prudential Real Estate Investors, as President.

“Allen brings enormous creativity and a proven track record of success,” said Williams. “Cadre’s growth over our first five years has been incredible, and I’m even more excited about the opportunity that lies ahead over the next five years and beyond. Allen is going to be an essential part of our future.”

Smith is a formidable force in the industry with a track record of driving significant growth and scale across global organizations and investment platforms, while also building top-performing teams. As President and CEO of Four Seasons, he oversaw record corporate earnings in 2018 and also led a major effort to revamp the organization’s digital strategy and signed a record number of hotel owner partnerships. Smith brings to Cadre deep investing experience as well. Prior to joining Four Seasons, he spearheaded Prudential Real Estate Investors’ growth into a global organization and developed a cohesive investment strategy for the organization. Smith played a substantial role in PREI’s capital raising efforts, including raising $5B for new fund strategies while growing AUM 300% for PREI’s flagship open-end fund.

“Real estate has been one of the slower industries to adapt to new technology and innovation,” Smith said. “This creates enormous opportunity to break down traditional barriers and level the playing field for investors, and I’m excited to work with Ryan and the terrific team he’s built to write the next chapter.”

Smith will report to Williams, and will work closely with Cadre’s leadership team on strategic partnerships and growth strategies across the company. “Having Allen on board will provide me with even more bandwidth to focus on strategy, overall business development, and closing impactful partnerships that we will develop in 2020 and beyond. This is really an example of one-plus-one-equals-three.”

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