Cadre CEO on Yahoo! Finance: It’s All About Access

Ryan Williams discusses Cadre’s mission on Yahoo!’s flagship show.

Published on Feb 14, 2020
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Cadre CEO Ryan Williams recently appeared on Yahoo! Finance’s flagship show, “On the Move,” to talk about our mission, the results we’re delivering to investors, and his personal journey as a disruptor in the real estate and finance industries.

Live on set with Yahoo! Anchor Julie Hyman and the “On the Move” panel, Ryan walked through our strategy of leveraging technology along with industry expertise to unlock access to institutional-quality real estate investments for individual investors.

“The mission behind Cadre is pretty straightforward,” he said. “It’s about expanding access and liquidity in commercial real estate, letting more individuals, their advisors, and others who historically haven’t had the kind of access to be able to participate in quality real estate deals.”

Ryan spoke about some of our successful recent realizations, including a multi-family property in Atlanta that earned a greater than 20 percent net IRR. “We’re very focused on quality, brand, and track record,” he continued. “It’s why we’ve been able to deliver more than $100 million in returns to our investors to date.”

Ryan also talked about our managed portfolio, which provides investors access to a diversified portfolio of several properties at an accessible price point. “Investors love…investing deal by deal,” Ryan said, “but portfolio diversification provides some pretty unique advantages, and mitigates risk.”

The wide-ranging interview then dove into Ryan’s experience as a young African-American CEO. “I look at diversity and inclusion as a core value, a core principle,” Ryan said. “At Cadre, we’re taking an antiquated industry — real estate — and refining it with technology, which is exciting and challenging and requires that you have multiple perspectives at the table.”

“I’ve always looked at being different and unconventional as an advantage,” he said. “I do think that diversity oftentimes equals resilience…. Having a different perspective in something that’s unconventional oftentimes leads to unconventional outcomes, so for me it’s been something I take pride in.”

Watch the entire interview here:

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