The Upside of Market Downturns

Capture the value from market dislocations in Cadre Direct Access Fund II

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A portfolio built on a legacy. A strategy for today.

Rates up
Financing down
Growth down

As property values reset across the country, Cadre is poised to acquire institutional-quality commercial real estate assets at meaningful discounts to recent pricing and replacement costs. Historically, market corrections have led to attractive investment opportunities from which investors achieved outsized returns.1 Our team intends to tap into these timely opportunities in our new diversified2 fund offering: CDAF II.

Early investors save on fees. Investments are limited for both institutions and individuals with a hard close when we reach our fund limit.

Reasons to Invest in Cadre Direct Access Fund II

Market Dislocations Create Investment Opportunities
Single-Asset Approach in High-Growth Markets
Experienced Team With Robust Pipeline
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Investment Strategy

Cadre intends to follow a primarily value-add strategy in CDAF II, purchasing assets in need of capital expenditures, improved operations, and/or lease-up, and may include ground-up development.
We intend to allocate approximately 50% of the Fund’s capital to multifamily assets, which we believe can offer attractive risk-adjusted returns and downside protection, and 50% to industrial properties, well-occupied offices, and hotels that may provide greater upside potential.3 We believe that we can purchase institutional-quality assets at a discount to their long-term intrinsic value for the benefit of our investors in this Fund.
Our team specializes in mid-cap ($50-$150mm) investments.4 We believe that this target asset range offers the potential to discover attractive commercial real estate opportunities for inclusion in CDAF II. 
Target Allocation
Acquire assets with strong, stable cash flow that offer upside potential through renovation and improved operations
Supplement with merchant-build development
Cadre Experience
Multifamily Units Aquired
Multifamily Units Developed
Target Allocation
Acquire well-occupied, cash flowing assets with upside potential benefiting from or resilient to secular trends, such as e-commerce, work-from-home, and leisure hospitality
Supplement with merchant-build development of industrial
Cadre Experience
Industrial SF Developed
Hotel Keys Acquired
Office SF Acquired
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Benefits of Commercial Real Estate

We believe that commercial real estate can provide attractive risk-adjusted returns, reduce volatility, produce stable income, and help hedge inflation. Additionally, we believe that private commercial real estate can improve portfolio efficiency, with an average annual yield that has historically exceeded investment grade bonds, public REITs, and public equities. Institutional investors typically allocate ~10% of their overall portfolios to real estate4. Individuals are able to invest alongside institutions to pursue the same benefits on the Cadre platform.

Potential for Tax-Advantaged Returns

Investors in commercial real estate may benefit from a variety of methods to reduce taxable income, including depreciation and the deduction of mortgage interest, property taxes, and other expenses. Prospective investors should always consult with their own tax advisors as to the tax consequences to such investors of an investment in the Fund.

Attractive Returns With Reduced Volatility

Over the past 20 years, non-publicly-traded real estate investments have delivered returns comparable to public equities and public REITs while exhibiting much lower volatility.

Stable Income

Commercial real estate offers investors the chance to potentially profit from multiple sources of return. Property owners can collect payment from rent (earned income), and they can also capture increases in property value at sale (profit income).

Hedge Against Inflation

Commercial real estate owners can typically raise rents to keep pace with rising costs and may be able to pass increased expenses directly through to tenants.
Many of the benefits of allocating to commercial real estate are particularly timely in today’s market environment.
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