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Cadre Hires Madge Rumman to Lead the Next Generation of Cutting-Edge Product Development
13 JUNE 2022
Cadre Partners With the BlackRock Impact Opportunities Fund to Aquire the Harvest at Marmalade Apartments
31 MAY 2022
Cadre Hires Dustin Cohn as CMO to Boost Awareness of Commercial Real Estate Among Main Street Investors
20 APR 2022
Cadre Nearly Doubles Investors' Money: Platform Delivers 22%+ Net Annualized Returns Following Successful Exits
19 APR 2022
Cadre Advances Its Technology Platform, Hiring Skand Gupta as Head of Engineering
7 APR 2022
Cadre Direct Access Fund Receives MacArthur Foundation Investment
25 JAN 2022
Cadre Announces More Than $95M in Capital Returned to Investors With Orlando, Houston, and DC Metro Area Sales
3 NOV 2021
Cadre Continues Building Commercial Business with Veteran Industry Leaders
27 JUL 2021
Cadre Announces Strategic Partnership with DisruptAD for International Expansion
24 JUN 2021
Cadre Launches Direct Access Fund, Delivering Diversified, Institutional-Quality Commercial Real Estate to More Investors
2 FEB 2021

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