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Cadre Managed Portfolio

Automatic Commercial Real Estate Investing
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Instant Diversification
Instantly start building a diversified commercial real estate investment portfolio and benefit from the category’s potential to enhance returns and reduce correlation to stock market volatility.
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Reduced Minimums
Invest in more Cadre underwritten opportunities via investment minimums substantially lower than the standard for our single-deal investment opportunities.
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Optional Liquidity
Invest with greater flexibility, knowing you may have the potential to sell individual investments after a one year regulatory hold period.

The hassle-free approach to a diversified portfolio
Invest as little as $10,000 per investment into the next 10 opportunities on our platform.
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Minimum total investment
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10 Diversified Investments
Portfolio fully funded within 12 months
No additional fees

Our experienced team will guide you to institutional-caliber commercial real estate investment opportunities
Cadre Managed Portfolio participants invest in the same real estate opportunities as Cadre’s institutional partners. You will be investing alongside institutional investors and Cadre executives who have a combined total of over $300mm committed on the platform.
Target Net IRR
Target Net Cash Yield
3–8 yrs
Target Hold Period
Metrics refer to targeted terms for the typical Commercial Real Estate opportunities Cadre seeks. Please see important disclosures as well as the Investment Advisory Agreement for investment guidelines.

There are two ways to invest with us
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Invest Automatically
With Cadre Managed Portfolio
$10,000 minimum per deal
Commitment for 10 deals
Guaranteed allocation
Automatically build and diversify
your portfolio
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Invest Manually
With single, one-time investments
$50,000 minimum per deal
Single-deal commitment
No allocation preference
Manually select which investments to
make and how many
Either way you choose to invest, you’ll have access to the same institutionally-underwritten opportunities, returns, performance metrics,
and potential liquidity through Cadre Secondary Market.

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