Cadre is the Ideal Capital Partner

We partner with best-in-class real estate operators who have differentiated local expertise. We believe that proven operating capability, coupled with geographic focus, drives outsized returns.

1Seasoned Acquisitions Team

Our Investments Team includes senior professionals from Blackstone, Baupost, Goldman Sachs, Dune, and GEM Realty Capital who have over $50bn in real estate transaction experience.

Our Investment Committee is led by Michael Fascitelli, former CEO of Vornado Realty Trust and head of Goldman Sachs’ real estate investment banking division.

2Speed and Certainty

We maintain a sizeable discretionary balance sheet, allowing us to move quickly and provide surety of close. We engage with partners anywhere from the pre-bid to post-deposit phase of a process and also consider recapitalizations.

3Flexible Capital

Since we operate outside of the fund model, we are not constrained by a defined cost of capital or duration. We evaluate transactions across the risk spectrum with a focus on generating the most attractive risk-adjusted return.

4Operator-Centric Model

We believe that skilled operators deserve the freedom to execute, and we structure our partnerships to preserve that dynamic.

Typical Investments

We take a fundamental, value-driven approach to investing. We seek to identify commercial real estate opportunities that offer attractive risk-adjusted returns. We are not constrained by a fund structure or mandate, providing us the flexibility to invest across the risk and duration spectrums.


We can invest across the risk spectrum, with a focus on existing assets in major U.S. markets that demonstrate favorable long-term supply/demand dynamics.

US map with main cities

2Asset Class

We seek opportunities across all asset classes, including multifamily, office, industrial, retail, hospitality, and student housing.

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3Transaction Size

$50-$200 million
Typical Transaction Size

4Hold Period

Up to 10 years
Hold Period


What does Cadre look for in its operating partners?

Our operating partners typically have experienced senior management teams, strong track records, and demonstrated execution on similar investment opportunities. We look for alignment of interest and can offer flexible joint venture structures.

What is Cadre’s investment process?

We source hundreds of real estate transactions annually. We dedicate resources based on merits of the transaction, probability of success, and fit within our strategy. We have the ability to provide initial feedback to sponsors in a matter of days, more quickly than most other institutional investors.

We fully underwrite each transaction that meets our initial criteria in order to mitigate risk and develop a clear picture of an investment’s potential. We perform comprehensive diligence on:

  • Asset: Business plan, tenancy, structure, capital, environmental and legal review
  • Market: Demographics, supply and demand conditions, comparable transactions, local regulations
  • Operator: Executive team experience, track record, operating platform

Our Investment Committee, led by senior Cadre team members and chaired by Michael Fascitelli (former CEO of Vornado Realty Trust and head of Goldman Sachs' real estate investment banking division), reviews and approves transactions. Upon Investment Committee approval, we fully commit to the transaction and our operating partner.

How quickly can Cadre close on an investment?

We move with a speed and certainty that differentiates us from most other institutional partners. Our discretionary capital base allows us to engage with partners and opportunities anywhere from the pre-bid to post-deposit phase of a process.

What types of control does Cadre require?

Our operating partners typically control the day-to-day management while we seek to share in major decision rights.

Contact Us

If you are a sponsor interested in partnering with Cadre, please email us with the following information:

  • Firm Name
  • Firm history, capabilities, and track record
  • Marketing materials
  • Case studies of recent transactions