Why partner with Cadre?

We are a technology-empowered real estate manager built on institutional diligence enhanced by data. Our platform lowers barriers to direct deals with a fee-load that is more than 20% cheaper than a traditional fund construct1. Once invested, our Secondary Market offers the potential for liquidity within private real estate.

Seasoned Deal Team, Data-Driven Due Diligence

Our seasoned Investments Team includes senior professionals from well established investment firms including Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, Dune, and GEM Realty Capital. Our Investment Committee is led by Michael Fascitelli, former CEO of Vornado Realty Trust and head of Goldman Sachs’ real estate investment banking division.

We combine this depth of experience with rigorous analysis based on proprietary data and a nationwide network of local operating partners to deliver high-quality investment opportunities.

  • $45bn+

    Collective Transaction Experience

  • 300+

    Operating Partner Relationships

Lower Barriers to Institutional-Grade Assets

We provide accredited investors direct access to institutional-grade commercial real estate assets curated by industry veterans using our proprietary technology.

Our fee load can be more than 20% lower than a traditional fund construct, with no “double layer” of profit sharing and no fees on committed capital. In most deals, Cadre receives a one-time 1% acquisition fee as well as an annual 1.5% management fee on equity.*

Traditional Model


Cadre Model


Potential Liquidity

Through the Secondary Market, investors may have the potential to sell investments typically after a hold period of one year or less. Cadre's Secondary Market allows investors to invest in real estate opportunities with greater flexibility.

Important Disclosures

Performance Not Guaranteed: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections are not guaranteed and may not reflect actual future performance.

Risk of Loss: All securities involve a high degree of risk and may result in partial or total loss of your investment.

Liquidity Not Guaranteed: Investments offered by Cadre are illiquid and there is never any guarantee that you will be able to exit your investments on the Secondary Market or at what price an exit (if any) will be achieved.

Not a Public Exchange: The Cadre Secondary Market is NOT a stock exchange or public securities exchange, there is no guarantee of liquidity and no guarantee that the Cadre Secondary Market will continue to operate or remain available to investors.

1 Lower fees statement is based on the comparison of “Cadre Model” to the “Traditional Fund Model” in the hypothetical illustration shown on this page. Asset management and fund promote fees charged in the “Traditional Fund Model” are based on the benchmark average commitment fee and mode asset management fee reported by the Preqin 2019 Private Equity Real Estate Market Outlook. Funds reviewed by the Market Outlook are not single-investment funds, may have other material differences from the investment vehicles offered by Cadre, and may not be representative of private equity funds or commercial real estate investment opportunities.