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You, too, can benefit from commercial real estate at Cadre. We provide individuals access to invest alongside institutions on our easy-to-use platform. Our experienced Investments team leverages proprietary data science to help drive compelling risk-adjusted returns.

“This is the first time I’ve been able to access opportunities of this caliber in commercial real estate.”
Seth, Chicago, Illinois4
Cadre Direct Access Fund Investor
“High-quality commercial real estate from Cadre added real stability to my portfolio.”
Matt, San Francisco, California5
Cadre Direct Access Fund and Horizon Fund Investor
"I've invested in 15 or so Cadre deals in the last 5 years.  Nearly all of them have exceeded their projections. Their analysis is thorough and their communication is exceptional. Very happy to be an investor in Cadre."
Adam, Minneapolis, Minnesota6
Cadre Investor
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Introducing the Cadre Direct Access Fund II

Every good fund deserves a sequel. Benefit from a variety of commercial real estate properties across the U.S. with a single investment in our newest, value-add fund.
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Waller Creek Development
Mixed Use
Austin, TX
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Alpine Industrial Park
Sacramento, CA
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Pilot and Park
Savannah, GA
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Three ways you can invest with Cadre

Cadre Funds
Invest in a diversified portfolio of properties in high-growth markets across the U.S.
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Select individual real estate investments through Cadre’s Deal-by-Deal platform. Become a member to see available opportunities.
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Secondary Market
Purchase shares of private real estate with established business plans, potentially at an attractive price relative to NAV.
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Cadre 101
Learn the basics of investing with Cadre straight from our CEO.

Why commercial real estate?

Why Cadre?
We developed innovative technology to supplement our professional expertise and support our premier commercial real estate deals while providing unparalleled options for liquidity.7
Why Now?
Commercial real estate has historically proven to be an attractive hedge against inflation. It is typically a more stable asset class than stocks or bonds, both of which are closely tied to market cycles.
Why You?
If you’re not investing in real estate, you may be leaving money on the table. Answer just a few qualifying questions to join our cadre of investors and you could change your financial trajectory.
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